Friday, October 1, 2010

Where have all my books gone?

My bookshelf is not that too empty. A cockroach can still play on its corners and I can also fill-in scratch papers to hold as book ends and appear a stuffed one.

Ideally, I could have filled all the spaces with all the books that I have read. Not a millions of them but manageable to cover the makeshift corners. Where have all my books gone, anyway? The way I count them now, 1, 2, 3….20. Twenty books? I thought I have read thousands, joke!

If I compare my years of reading and books read with the current trend I could say that I have failed to meet the ideal quantity and quality. I assume this because those of my same age have been so confident, articulate and knowledgeable of mastering things. I think this is attributed more than the experience of listening but the power of rapid and extensive reading which skills are my goals at the moment. I have realized that the fastest you read the more you know and learn things. The fastest you know the more you can share and the more people you have shared the expanded influence you can build on. But what reading and thoughts to share are dependent of your choice. I would like to point out that reading explored and mastered can result a good deal of difference.

Rapid and extensive reading may pile up ideas and books. As I try to master them, I think I will be needing a more spacious bookshelf where I can fit in a gradual pattern of 3 books a month, then 5 books a week and the most coolest is 1 book per minute faster than any xerox machine in the world. Crazy as it may, I want to meet that goal. I want to have great deal of knowledge and hopefully before I die, I have influenced a lot of people to wise thoughts that I have known and applied clearly referring to Goethe’s saying, “Truly wise thoughts . . . to make them truly ours, we must think them over again honestly, till they take root in our personal experience.”

I have bought “The Choice” of Og Mandino a while ago. One of my many reads hopefully for two days. This book will be one of the millions that will wreck my book shelf and make others nod for enlightenment. But this will depend with the way I read them in my life.

Where have all my books gone? I am about to find them.

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Eds said...

you really need to find them soon bozzing coz i am going to borrow them specially those books of sheldon. hehehe